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Directory of Activity Sheets for Pilinut Press Books
Directory of Coloring and Lettering Sheets for Pilinut Press Books
Directory of Word Searches for Pilinut Press Books
AS/ 36 pages
BudgetMgt/ 8 pages
Saving for College When Your Budget is Tight
Stretching Food Dollars by Cooking Creatively
Turning Economic Hardship into a Lesson on Financial Management
Creating a Home Library
Holiday Decorating Without Spending a Dime
Save Money by Baking Your Own Bread
Save Money by Eating Soup
Save Money When Buying Meat
ESL/ 12 pages
Using Word-Contrast Pairs to Teach Pronunciation to ESL Students
Improving Vocabulary - Seven Ideas for ESL Students
Developing English Listening Skills
ESL Teaching Tips
Improving your English for ESL Students
Keep Your English Up to Date
Learn English through its Proverbs
Selecting Textbooks for Teaching English as a Second Language
Spelling Tips for ESL Students
Start an “English Speaking” Club
Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults
Tips for ESL Students on Increasing their Vocabulary by Learning Business Terms
Editing/ 4 pages
How to Fact Check
Editing Your Writing
How to Edit Writing Like a Professional
Teaching Editing
Parenting/ 7 pages
Developing Good Homework Habits
Picking the Right Book: How to Use Readability Scores
Pilinut Press Glossaries: How We Pick the Words to Include in the Glossary
Preparing Your Child for School
Preparing Your Child to go Back to School
Raising a Bilingual Child
Toddlers Learning by Data Mining
Publishing/ 7 pages
Book Binding by Hand
Annotated Examples of a Book Cover and Interior Layout
Final Proofreading Checklist for Your Book
Finding and Contracting an Illustrator for a Children’s Book
Is Self Publishing for Me?
Options for the Self Publisher
Tips for Preparing a Book for Print-on-Demand Printing
Reading/ 21 pages
Increase Reading Comprehension by Pre-reading
Basic Alphabet Code
Help Your Child Learn to Read
Book Clubs for Boys
Breaking the Alphabet Code — The Key to Reading, Spelling, and Writing
Choosing a Gift Book for a Child
Encouraging Children to Read: Five Strategies for Developing a Bookworm
Enriched Summer Reading Program
Helping A Child Learn to Read—4 to 6 years old
Helping A Child Learn to Read—12 to 24 Months
Helping A Child Learn to Read—24 to 36 Months
Helping A Child Learn to Read—Up to Age 1
Instant or Sight Words - What They Are and How to Teach Them
Look It Up — How to Use a Dictionary
Motivating Reluctant Teens to Read
Nurturing a Gifted Reader
Reading Goals for First Graders
Reading Goals for Kindergartners
Reading Goals for Second Graders
Reading Goals for Third Graders
This is What You Should Not Do When Encouraging a Child to Talk and Read
Spelling/ 4 pages
Coaching a Spelling Bee Champion
Preparing for a Spelling Bee
Spell Better by using these Spelling Strategies
What Spelling Champions Know Can Help Your Child Spell Better
Teaching/ 6 pages
Using Hi-Lo Books with Struggling Readers and ESL Students
How to Do a Simple Reading Assessment
Cloze Worksheets – What They Are and How to Make Them
Ideas for Making a Book as a School Project
Recognizing and Teaching to Individual Learning Styles
Using Trade Books in the Classroom
Vocabulary/ 15 pages
Languages of the World
Words Based on People's Names
Most Frequently Tested SAT Words
Building Vocabulary
Building Vocabulary through Activities
Contributions of the King James Bible to the English Language
Five Ideas for Increasing Your Child’s Vocabulary While Running Errands
Improve Your Vocabulary by Knowing These Latin Prefixes
Improving Vocabulary in Three Easy Steps
It was Greek to Me: Improving Your English by Knowing Greek Roots
Increasing Vocabulary through Independent Reading
Kids and money — developing financial understanding by learning the vocabulary of money
More Word Games to Increase Vocabulary
Sing a Song and Learn New Words
Word Games to Increase Vocabulary
Writing/ 9 pages
Formal vs. Informal Writing
The Development of the English Alphabet
Help Your Child Learn to Write
Citing References in Research Papers
Overcoming Writer’s Block
Writing Articles for the School Newspaper
Writing Books for Preschoolers
Writing Business E-mails
Writing Fairy Tales
BM/ 64 pages
CLS/ 8 pages
EditingReference/ 12 pages
Most Commonly Misused Words
Auxiliary Verbs (or helping verbs)
Capitalization Rules
Common Grammatical Errors
English Irregular Verbs
The Highly Irregular “Be” Verb
Most Commonly Misspelled Words
Pronouns and Their Uses
Using Adverbs
Verb Tenses, Mood, and Voice
Hub/ 16 pages
Pilinut Press Catalog
Author Consultations
Pilinut Press Appearances
Pilinut Press Interviews with Authors and Illustrators
Pilinut Press Frequently Asked Questions on Publishing
Appearance Sceduling Form
Interview with Mack H. Webb, Jr. and Celia Webb October 2008
Interview with Pamela Czarniak February 2008
Interview with Nicole Espinola February 2007
Interview with Beverly Tuck September 2006
Interview with Celia Webb September 2006
Interview with Mack H. Webb, Jr. September 2006
Biographies of Authors and Illustrators
Readability Scores for Pilinut Press Books
Fundraiser Response Form
LessonPlans/ 8 pages
The Snickerdoodle Mystery—Solving Mysteries Using the Scientific Method Lesson Plan
Webb’s Wondrous Tales—Writing Fairy Tales Lesson Plan
“Webb’s Wondrous Tales”— Art Content for Book Illustrations Lesson Plan
Webb’s Wondrous Tales Book 2—Butterfly Lesson Plan
Little Bianca—Economics Lesson Plan
Little Bianca—Art Focused Lesson Plan
Little Bianca—Vocabulary Focused Lesson Plan
Danny and the Detention Demons—Vocabulary Focused Lesson Plan
Newsletters/ 44 pages
Support/ 11 pages
Support for Book Clubs
Discussion Questions for Seoul-Full Letters
Discussion Questions for Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 1
Discussion Questions for Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 2
Glossary of ESL Terms
Support for Authors
Support for Educators
Support for Homeschoolers
Support for Librarians
Support for Parents
Support for Self-Publishers
WS/ 66 pages
pdf/ 2 pages