Directory of Word Searches for Pilinut Press Books

Word Searches are a fun way to practice word recognition. The Word Searches here complement the Pilinut Press books.

  • The Word Searches are free and may be reprinted as many times as needed for your classroom.
  • All words found in a particular search are from one of our books.
  • The Word Searches get harder as the number of the search increases (i.e. Word Search 1 for Little Bianca is easier than Word Search 2).
  • These teaching aids are useful to educators, home schoolers, and English as a Second Language (ESL) students and just plain fun for children.
  • The Word Searches are listed by book or story title.
  • You will need a PDF file reader. Free PDF reader from Adobe.
  • Financial Terms and Seasonal Word Searches are near the bottom.


Danny and the Detention Demons

Finding the Family

Little Bianca

The Snickerdoodle Mystery

Webb’s Wondrous Tales Book 1

Anita the Artist


Brock and Sam Throw Down Their Hats

Can You Keep a Secret?

Comet the Cat

The Corn Patch

Doors to Fortune

Drago the Dreaded Dragon

The Enchanted Cauldron

The Fisherman’s Wish

Fool’s Gold

Help Comes to the Homestead

Landers and the Golden Key

The Lion and the Pig

The Magic Genie

Noisome Nelson

The Peasant

The Pharaoh’s Prank

Poor Pernell

Silence is Golden

The Tailor

To Twist or Not to Twist


Wharton the Ram

The Witch in the Woods

Financial Terms (Matching Activity Sheets)





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