Author Consultations

Mack Webb at a Book Signing

Mack Webb at a book signing.
This could be YOU!

Are you looking for objective feedback on your manuscript from a publishing professional? If you are an author looking for help publishing a children’s book, we can help.

We are publishers. We know how to publish children’s books and are well-versed in the book development process which includes:

  • Editing manuscripts
  • Obtaining ISBNs
  • Finding an Illustrator
  • Finding a Printer
  • Setting the Book’s Retail Price
  • Obtaining a Library of Congress Preassigned Control Number (PCN)
  • Preparing A Manuscript for Publication as a Self Publisher
  • Determining Book Trim Size
  • Book Format and Binding Options
  • Using the Printer’s Templates
  • Developing Front Matter
  • Laying out the Text Block
  • Including Illustrations
  • Developing Back Matter
  • Designing the Cover
  • Finalizing the Book for Submission to the Printer
  • Copyrighting Your Book

We provide a professional evaluation of your manuscript with feedback on how to find a publisher for your particular story, marketing ideas to help you snag a publisher’s interest, and copyediting to strengthen the presentation of your manuscript.

Our schedule allows us to do a limited number of author consultations each year on a first-come, first-serve basis. You could be one of the authors who benefits from our valuable insights into publishing.

Contact us today to set up your Author Consultation. For a nominal fee, we will provide a personal and frank review of your manuscript. Please e-mail us at: for more information. Do not send your manuscript at this point - we'll let you know when to do so.


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