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History Books:

Finding the Family Book Cover

Finding the Family The Coleman-Webb-Looney-Phillips Family History Including Associated Kin 2015 is now available. You can find it both online and, as a special order, through brick-and-mortar bookstores. Finding the Family is a journey through time and place; tracing the history of an ordinary and extraordinary family. American history becomes personal as ancestors are found and their lives and the events that shaped them are uncovered. The start seemed simple: who were Mack’s grandparents? What the search revealed was fascinating.

DNA analysis held a surprise. Records found on the internet, in courthouses, books, libraries, military and national archives, family collections and photograph albums gave details not remembered by living relatives. The search turned into a wild, exciting ride with unpredicted answers.

The document trail starts in several Mississippi counties including Sunflower, Leflore, Carroll, Tallahatchie, and Copiah and Pike County in Alabama. Memphis and Hawkins County in Tennessee, and Houston County in Georgia, what was then Augusta County and is now Botetourt County in Virginia all figured in the family history. There is even a line of family which stretches back to the Isle of Mann. With the Great Migration, the trails diverge to Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, and California. Now members of the family can be found in just about every state of the Union.

Major Family Lines include: Barnes, Booker, Coleman, Everett, Gilbert, Hunter, Harper, Looney, Mack, Kaigler/Kegler, Sanders, Webb, and Wilson.

Examining slave holding families is also important to understanding the family history and therefore these families have been included: Everett, Greene, Looney, Kaigler, and Sanders.


  • Meanings and origins of family surnames.
  • A transcription of the will and probate of James Abbington Everett.
  • Sketch maps illustrating locations of importance to the history.
  • An index of names.

ISBN: 978-1-944390-00-6
US$ 20

How-To Books:

Small Gym Big Workout Cover

Small Gym Big Workouts is now available. Our latest book is now available online and, as a special order, through brick-and-mortar bookstores. Small Gym Big Workouts guides you through the layout and set up of your home gym. Imagine monster workouts, muscle toning, and weight loss, all in an area of less than 165 square feet. Small Gym Big Workouts eliminates the guesswork of choosing quality gym equipment. The book provides photos, prices, and specifications of equipment that will fit comfortably in your home gym. Order yours today and make working-out easy because your gym is right in your home.
ISBN: 9780977957699

E-book Download!
Feed Your Family
of Four for $4 A Day

Order an immediate download
of the e-book version at
Booktopia or Indigo.

Feed Your Family for $4 a Day Cover

Feed Your Family of Four for 4$ a Day
ISBN: 9780977957682
US$ 10

Publish Today! Cover

Publish Today! A Helpful Guide to Book Publishing for Authors and Self Publishers
ISBN: 9780977957675
US$ 14.95


Seoul-Full Letters Cover

Seoul-Full Letters
ISBN: 9780977957668
US$ 14.95

Advanced Readers:

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 1 Cover

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 1
ISBN: 0977957616
US$ 14.95

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 2 Cover

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 2
ISBN: 9780977957637
US$ 14.95

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 3 Cover

Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 3 is now available online and, as a special order, through brick-and-mortar bookstores. Its timeless tales contain lively, fascinating characters who weave webs of humor, excitement, and adventure to keep you entertained. The delightfully humorous illustrations that accompany the tales are skillfully drawn and wonderfully engaging. Webb’s Wondrous Tales provides reading enjoyment for the whole family and is an excellent resource for learning new vocabulary.
ISBN: 978-1-944390-01-3
US$ 14.95

Can You Keep a Secret? Cover

Can You Keep a Secret?
ISBN: 9780977957644
US$ 15.95

Danny and the Detention Demons Cover

Danny and the Detention Demons
ISBN: 9780977957620
US$ 15.95

Little Bianca Cover

Little Bianca
ISBN: 0977957608
US$ 15.95

The Snickerdoodle Mystery Cover

The Snickerdoodle Mystery
ISBN: 9780977957651
US$ 15.95

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E-book Download!
Feed Your Family of Four for $4 A Day

Order an immediate download of the e-book version at Booktopia or Indigo.

Feed Your Family for $4 a Day Cover

Keep your family fed during lean times. Serve up to 3 wholesome meals and 2 snacks per person (a total of 12 meals and 8 snacks) for $4 a day. Learn how! Includes valuable resources and much more.
Size: 8 ½ in. W X 11 in. H
46 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9779576-8-2
Price: $10.00


Here's what readers have to say:

This is a gem of a book, a valuable natural resource, and a compassionate toolkit full of practical shopping advice and wise nutritional guidance, with everything you need to know about how to make ends meet when it comes to food. You can do it, this book assures you, and the authors have analyzed every aspect of what you need to think about: planning meal sizes and planning menus; when to shop and where to shop; comparing prices and ingredients; the importance of chewing and of hydration; how to find free food and how to qualify for food stamps (federal poverty guidelines included).
Health is as important as thrift to Mack and Celia Webb, and the book is full of sound nutritional advice and shopping advice aimed at getting the most nutrients for the most reasonable price. There are menus for school or work lunches, snack ideas, and concise, to-the-point hints about how to be a smarter shopper, a healthier eater, a wiser spender. The book includes a meals-and-snack 30-day menu, and appendices with recipes for soups and noodles and much more, a substitution chart, a conversions chart, and a graphic that walks the reader through the details of a typical food label.
But the heart of the book is the section on Austerity Eating: here's where push comes to shove and it's eat or be eaten when your family really, finally has to get by on only $4 a day. If I had to survive like that, I would want this book and this advice, which includes six weeks of purchase lists for meals and snacks and six weekly menus. For $10, this book is a heck of a deal. Buy it. Read it. Use it. And share it - at food pantries and food banks, especially, where hungry people gather. This book could be of real benefit to them, and to all of us.

Larry Stillwell

"As director of Fauquier Community Food Bank, it is my responsibility to purchase as much nutritious food as possible with the funds I have available. Mack and Celia Webb’s book “Feed Your Family of Four for $4 a Day” does that and more for your family. This book explains, in detail, the necessary steps to accomplish that. It explains how to read food labels, what recipes to use, food substitutions, in short, a complete guide to economical and nutritious eating. Thanks to a generous donor I am able to give a copy of this book to some of the largest households we serve. I hope more donors will help us provide these books to all of our clients."

Roland Serrano, Director, The Fauquier Community Food Bank

"In a time when more and more of our citizens are falling below the poverty line, the cost of food as well as the quality of diet takes on added importance for millions of Americans. In their new book Feed Your Family of Four for $4 a Day, Mack and Celia Webb provide detailed information which addresses both of these issues. The focal point is a six-week “austerity-eating plan” including shopping lists detailed with specific quantities and prices. While not intended to meet all of the requirements of an ideal permanent diet, this plan is nonetheless varied and nutrition conscious as it allows people lacking in financial resources to make-do until their circumstances improve.
In addition, the book provides useful information on meal and serving sizes, menu planning, nutrition, shopping strategies, food stamps, sources of free food, recipes, food labels and other food-related issues. It also presents a detailed 30-day “budget friendly” menu plan (three meals and two snacks per day) and suggestions for school and work lunches.
I highly recommend this book to all of those who need to stretch their food budgets as well as to professionals and volunteers who work with individuals who find themselves in these circumstances. It is a valuable resource for those in need."

Edward V. Jones, co-author of "These are Our People...Life Stories of 24 People Served at The Fauquier Community Food Bank

"I particularly liked the way this book lets you approach cutting the food budget in a few different ways so that there was help for you if you like to follow directions exactly or if you prefer to understand the general idea and then create your own plans. The authors clearly set out an approach which can be personalized; they also recognize that sometimes a hardline austerity budget is needed for a short period, and that it is possible to "tighten your belt" for a little while and stay healthy, but then add more choices when funds come available. The clarity of prose and the lack of typos or other mistakes which can plague both self-published and publishing house books makes the book a pleasure to read. I would recommend donating a few to your local food shelf or homeless shelter as well as keeping one for yourself.
In the interest of full disclosure, I am related to the authors, but I'm also a tough old broad and wouldn't give a positive review if it weren't well-deserved."

Patricia Norton

"I like this book for its boots-on-the-ground practicality. From portion size, to daily menus with the recipes for them; weekly shopping lists with prices; workable substitutes when you don't have something on the shelf; informative conversions which tell for instance, that 8oz dry spaghetti equals 4 cups cooked and how reading that “Food Label” can be a guide into healthy choices for my family. This knowledge helps me."

Many thanks from, “I can do this”, in upstate NY

Special Deal for Non-Profits

Does your non-profit organization serve people struggling with food insecurity? Contact us today to order Feed Your Family of Four for $4 a Day at a discounted price for distribution to your clients.

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