Support for Self-Publishers

Pilinut Press offers a number of resources to assist self-publishers.

Do you want a publishing professional to give you tips on getting your story published? For personal feedback on your manuscript with ideas on how to market it, steps for self-publishing, and editorial suggestions to improve your book, contact us today to set up your Author Consultation. E-mail us at

If you want to understand more about the publishing world, approaching a publisher, self or subsidy publishing, creating and selling books, read our book titled Publish Today!.

The Reference Desk provides free articles on editing, fact checking, publishing, and related topics important to producing a book. New material is added each month. Also included are writing aids like Common Grammatical Errors, Most Commonly Misspelled Words, and more.

Pilinut Press publishes a newsletter with a listing of the newest articles and resources added to the Pilinut Press Reference Page and our latest company updates. Subscribe to get the latest information.

The Interviews with Pilinut Press authors can give you insight into their creative process and might give you ideas for fine-tuning your own.

The Frequently Asked Questions section on Publishing answers questions about Print-on-Demand publishing. Feel free to send us other questions about publishing and we will post answers in this section.

Pilinut Press books are available through:

Baker & Taylor and other on-line sources
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Other Articles of Interest

Visit our Reference Desk page for a complete listing of articles and editing references.