Most Commonly Misspelled Words

The following list of misspelled words was compiled by selecting words which appear most frequently on other lists of commonly misspelled words. Check out our list of commonly misused words as well since some words which are misused can be considered to be misspelled.

A: absence, accept, accidentally, accommodate, across, advertisement, a lot (two words, not one), all right (two words, not one), amateur, argument, athletic

B: beginning, believe

C: calendar, category, cemetery, committee, conscience, conscientious, conscious, convenient, correspondence, criticize

D: definite, dependent, descend, description, desperate, develop, difference, disappoint, discipline, drunkenness

E: embarrass, environment, equipment, exaggerate, exceed, existence, experience

F: familiar, fascinate, February, fiery, foreign

G: gauge, government, grammar, guarantee, guidance

H: harass, height, humorous

I: ignorance, imaginary, immediately, independent, indispensable, inoculate, intelligence, irresistible

J: jewelry, judgment

K: knowledge

L: laboratory, leisure, license, lightning, losing, lovely

M: maintenance, maneuver, millennium, minuscule, mischievous, misspell

N: necessary, neighbor, noticeable

O: occasionally, occurred, occurrence, omitted, opportunity

P: parallel, performance, permanent, perseverance, personnel, pleasant, possess, prejudice, privilege, professor, pronunciation, publicly

Q: questionnaire

R: receive, recommend, reference, relevant, restaurant, rhythm

S: schedule, separate, sergeant, similar, success, supersede, surprise

T: tragedy, truly, twelfth, tyranny

U: until

V: vacuum, villain

W: weather, weird, writing

Y: yield

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