Pilinut Press Glossaries: How We Pick the Words to Include in the Glossary

We use the following criteria to pick words for the glossary.

  • Word is three or more syllables. For example, cryogenic meaning at very low temperatures.
  • The definition used in the story is used less often than other definitions of the word. For example, list meaning to lean to one side.
  • The word is not as commonly used today as it was in the past. For example, nay meaning no.
  • A phrase is included in the glossary if the meaning of the phrase is not literal. For example, His heart was in his throat used to mean he was excited or nervous.
  • Slang words are included. For example, jimmies meaning to force open, particularly in association with a burglary.
  • Colloquialisms are included. For example, gawk meaning to look at stupidly.
  • References to things that may not be universally understood are also included. For example, Carnegie Hall, the famous concert hall in New York City.
  • Words that are specific to a particular body of knowledge are included. For example, flail meaning a farming tool, consisting of a free-swinging stick tied to the end of another stick, used to separate grain from its husk.

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