Discussion Questions for
Webb's Wondrous Tales Book 2

These questions can be used by book clubs, teachers, or parents to spark discussions.

  • Which story did you like most and why?
  • Pick five of the stories and discuss what moral or life lesson one might learn from each story.
  • The title characters in “Ginny Green Cap” and “The Lucky Lepidopterist” have some similar characteristics. What similarities do these characters share?
  • In the story Apple Jack, Jack doesn’t have many possessions to begin his new life but he becomes quite wealthy. What does he do repeatedly that leads to his success?
  • In the story “Brogan the Bumbling Burglar”, Brogan is not very successful as a burglar. Why is he successful in the end?
  • What do we learn about vanity in the story “Elisa the Beautiful”?
  • In the story “The Fearful Prince”, the prince forgives Sedrick for not keeping his side of the bargain. What does the prince realize he gained through his experience?
  • In the story “Ginny Green Cap”, each time the wolf has an evil plan in mind for Ginny, he is thwarted. However, this happens in a very interesting way. How is the wolf stopped?

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