Support for Parents

Pilinut Press offers a number of resources to assist parents.

The Reference Desk provides free lesson plans for home schoolers, articles on developing reading-related skills, reading score information, book discussion questions, word games and puzzles, and activity sheets for our entertaining and educational books. New material is added each month. All of this material is free for you to use with your children.

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The Appearances Program offers several different presentations for your local group’s programs. Presentations are tailored to meet your objectives.

The Fundraising Program can help fund an Author Visit or some other need at your local school, charity, or church.

The Interviews with author and illustrators can be used as research material for a classroom writing project. Augment the material by using the “Ask the Author” service.

The “Ask the Author” service is a fun way to help readers connect with a working author. You and your child can exchange an e-mail with a working author providing insight into the world of writing and publishing. Feel free to ask questions about the process of writing a book or what it is like to be an author.

The Calendar of Fun Celebrations for Learners lists unusual holidays celebrating learning-related events.

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Items of Interest

Some Articles of Interest

Visit our Reference Desk page for a complete listing of articles and worksheets.